The HOPE makers

A story like this doesn’t come around often. A global health crisis. A global supply chain shortage. And nearly all of earths 7 billion human beings under some type of lockdown. It’s a story for the ages.

Our story of HOPE begins here.


HOPE. When a group of Engineers, Scientists, Doctors and Industry professionals banded together to solve a problem from their garages, living rooms, and yes, hotel rooms, and progress is made.

HOPE. When that same group stumbles upon a breakthrough for respiratory care. A single-use, disposable ventilator with NO MOVING PARTS.

HOPE. That we can solve some of humanity’s other problems going forward.


Teresa Barnes – Chief Operating Officer / Director

Not all Heroes wear capes

If you ask anyone in the cardiopulmonary space that’s been there long enough, you will hear the name Teresa Barnes mentioned.

Brought in to share the news of the teams discovery with the world, her passion for patient outcomes compelled her to take the plunge and join us on this grand adventure of HOPE.

With her guidance and support, she convinced an entire network of the worlds top physicians, respiratory therapists, and research institutions to HOPE BIG.

Brian Froelke – Chief Medical Officer / Director

If you need emergency or disaster medicine, you want Dr Froelke running the show

During Emergencies and Disasters, what the public needs is innovative, thoughtful, and impactful leadership.

When we approached Dr Froelke with the Hospital Overload Protocol for Emergencies concept seeking advice, what we got was decisive action and leadership by example. He dove in.

Because when a person can’t breathe, ventilation may be their last HOPE.  Because of that, we want to bring our absolute best. With a razor sharp focus on patient safety, Dr Froelke continues to guide the team to success.

Chris Jung – Chief Executive Officer / Director

Daddy By Day / Hero By Night

Chris is an incredibly experienced engineer, product designer & entrepreneur. If you need to realize an idea quickly, he’s who you call. Before taking time out to focus on his family, he had a tenured career in Consumer products, OEM/ODM design & manufacturing, and as an MFi Manufacturer under Apple’s Made for iOS program, he was instrumental in bringing ideas to market for his clients.

This latest venture hits close to home, as he unfortunately witnessed his own grandfather struggling to breathe and watched as he died on a ventilator years ago.  It forever changed him.  During the COVID crisis, when Chris heard people were having to “bag” their own family members to help them breathe until the ambulance could make it to a hospital, he didn’t hesitate as he jumped in to develop a ventilator during the public call for help in March 2020. 

Chris led the team of all-volunteer engineers in a race against the clock to design and develop tools that could potentially help in the pandemic.  Months later, realizing the magnitude of the respiratory advances his team was making, Chris founded FluidIQ, a public benefit corporation, to be able respond to the immediate needs of the pandemic and to design future products based on the same fluidics approach. 

Chris will tell you that big things are coming from this little group.


Dolly Kervitsky – VP Outreach

HOPE starts here

With more than 30 years of experience grooming, training, and managing super heroes in the respiratory space, Dolly realizes making HOPES come true takes a ton of money, resources, research, testing, development, and education.

As a champion for patients, respiratory therapists and pulmonary doctors, Dolly brings HOPE to every life she touches.

Jake Lunday – Chairman of the Board

Jake’s the kinda guy that travels the world with his 3D printer

The world is lucky that Jake travels with a 3D printer, because he was able to discover the engine powering HOPE inVent while on lockdown in Portugal in the early days of the pandemic. He HOPED he could find a way to help the global ventilator shortage.

After tinkering with his own designs, he discovered and then joined the team of engineers in April of 2020, and nothing has been the same since.

With an impressive career in Fortune 500 companies, experience with medical devices, and leadership skills stemming from his role in the US Navy Reserve, we are proud to call Jake our Chairman of the Board.

Ray Mason – Chief Strategic Officer

Passion for developing HOPE

When you set out to do something that has never been done, such as starting a public benefit corporation that focuses on elegant, simple, low-cost, high-value solutions for humankind, it takes an open mindset and a different type of strategic officer. In short, it takes someone who understands what it means to make HOPE BIG happen.

Spanning a lifetime of corporate governance, regulatory hearings, and quite frankly building some of the world’s best companies, Ray has a deeper purpose and outlook on life. HOPE BIG is all about low risk, high reward and fail fast mantras, and Ray keeps our strategy RAYzor sharp.

Artemio Mendoza – Chief Technology Officer / Director

There’s always a practical joker in the group..

When asked, who is your favorite super hero, Art will tell you “Spiderman”

With the Spidey sense to know exactly the right time to punk someone with a practical joke or our version of a “rickroll”, the thing he does even better is to adapt new skills, expand them, and innovate beyond measure. 

If you look at a HOPE inVent, you should know this master of HOPE is on the job, focusing on the details that make things better for all of us. 

Duncan Stevenson – Chief Engineer

South Africa’s Super Hero

A lot can be said about ingenuity, innovation, and invention, when you have all the tools you need. But what do you when you don’t because of a worldwide pandemic?

If you are Duncan, you make them…

From more than 10,000 miles away, this superhero’s power is delivering HOPE in the form of insane engineering, meticulous analysis, and quite frankly the heart and soul of our company, also called fluid intelligence.  Duncan’s super skill set includes breaking complex concepts down to basics.

When our founder spotted his work, he had to have him on our team.  Chris likened meeting Duncan  to meeting a drummer you’ve been waiting your whole life for so you can tour stadiums like a rock star.. HOPE BIG for our Future.

Matt Vogelhuber – Member of the Board

Meet the Master Architect of HOPE

To a sailor, a beacon is the light that leads him safely home. For many, a beacon of light is HOPE.

With extensive experience building, funding, and managing companies in the biopharma space, Matt exemplifies what it means to have track-proven experience delivering HOPE day-after-day, hour-by-hour, year-by-year.   His steady guidance in the business and financial space provides FluidIQ a guiding light to reach and exceed its financial goals as a for-profit company while giving back to the communities it serves with its products.

Brian Walsh – Chief of Clinical Research and Development

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” – Albert Einstein

Dr Walsh reminded us of these words and they have become our rallying cry. As humble as they come, when Brian rolled up his sleeves to help us test our first generation ventilator, he helped us simplify our technology so that stressed, overworked and even lesser trained medical professionals could use it. 

On the front lines around the world, respiratory therapists are the experts who are providing last hope care to patients every day, and never more than in the pandemic.  What gives HOPE to our team is the knowledge that one of the best Respiratory Therapists on the planet is on our team. 

Don’t take my word for it, click his name!