Our Story

While we’re making history… let us tell you a little bit of our story:

In mid March 2020, a group of engineers from around the globe set out to reproduce an Army-designed ventilator: the ARMY Emergency Respirator. It was a medical device, created in the 1950s and 60s, that used no electronics, yet provided sophisticated respiratory assistance and control. Within a matter of months, our team has provided improvements on what was a genius effort performed over more than a decade.

Our company, FluidIQ, was founded by a group of talented doctors, engineers and patient advocates who joined together to find solutions for gaps in medical needs, including ventilators, in the midst of the coronavirus-caused world crisis. 

The Product

As the group began coalesced into a cohesive and agile team, our first product underwent more than 3000 iterations. After thousands of hours of testing we stumbled upon a breakthrough product.

Featuring a coaxial and biocompatible* 3D printed design, the HOPE inVent is the world’s smallest single-use, single-patient Ventilator for emergency, disaster and other applications. *Pending FDA authorization and or clearance

HOPE inVent is a pragmatic design that can be easily-deployed globally to those in need and for substantially lower cost.

Healthcare Overflow Protocol for Emergencies (HOPE) is FluidIQ’s foundation for an entire family of products dedicated to filling gaps in emergency preparedness protocols that are easily scalable and cost-effective. 

FluidIQ – The Company

Who are we? We’re doctors, engineers and patient advocates, with a strong sense of social responsibility. People just like you – who believe in accessible innovation, and agile design.

We are making it our business to simplify what doesn’t need to be complex. Because we know that if we can cut down the time between the innovation and design process, and getting to market, we can deliver HOPE when and where it matters.

What drives us? We believe in innovation, for the advancement and improvement of humankind.

FluidIQ is a public benefit and Delaware corporation providing simple yet genius technology solutions based on the science of fluidics. 

To support FluidIQ’s emergency use and regulatory efforts, the organization has embarked on a seed funding campaign.